Saying Bye to Waveguide!

And a new chapter with Waveguide Next, a blog about UX.

Hi Dear Friends,

If you’re reading this is because, at a certain moment in the last 3 years, you signed up for Waveguide. If you didn’t sign-up recently, it’s possible you don’t remember what Waveguide is.

Waveguide is a design hub that documents and organizes examples of UX, UI, and Brand Identity and augments it with data like color, reading insights, and categorization.

I created Waveguide because I wanted to solve a problem I had in my profession. As part of my job as a User Experience Designer, I would often reference existing products or designs to find inspiration or ideas. This is an activity that nurtures my creative process and my ability to ideate newer innovative designs.

At the core of this idea, there was also a desire to show people how I perceive the world when designing. I have always felt that great designers can see a great design in small details and isolate it from the noise of a chaotic world.

Waveguide grew up to be a product that showed multiple design examples across different verticals and platforms. I know that Waveguide has helped many people find inspiration and learn about UX Design. In the past 3 years, Waveguide has been frequently visited by more than 100K unique visitors from all over the world.

Life is about cycles and today is the time to end one and start a new one. Although I love everything I created and learned with Waveguide, I never really felt like I was on a meaningful trajectory with it. My dream for Waveguide was to create an authoritative repository of design examples, and that turned out to be harder than I expected.

So today, I’m letting you know that I’m shutting down the original Waveguide and will seek and pursue new ideas. However, I have some good news in this regard…

What’s Next?

My original dream with Waveguide was to share with the world how I perceive design when applied to real problems. I still want to do that (more than ever), so I created this Blog / Newsletter to fulfill my desire of teaching the world about design. I called it Waveguide Next because this is what’s next, and I still like the brand. 😆

I hope you consider staying subscribed to the newsletter. I have also decided to keep a static version of my favorite Waveguide content (the UX examples) under the original domain name and keep adding new examples. I will update you about new examples through the newsletter.

I’m deeply grateful for your support and for being part of this journey! I have many ideas, lessons, and thoughts to write about, and I’m very excited to share those with you in the upcoming months.

Juan (JJ)

Quick Recap / TL;DR

Here is a quick recap of what’s changing:

1) Waveguide, as you know it, will go away effective immediately.

2) A static version of Waveguide’s UX Examples will still be live at and I will add new examples in the future.

3) I’m starting this blog/newsletter (, where I plan to write about UX and Technology Design. I will also give you updates when I add new examples to

4) I hope you stay subscribed, but no hard feelings if you don’t ✌️