We start here!

If you’re wondering what’s Waveguide Next, you should start by going to https://waveguide.io

…But for those who don’t care, here is a simple story:

Waveguide was a very popular repository of design patterns where I would collect and organize many examples of UX and UI design in the wild.

I decided to shut it down, keep my favorite content in the original domain and focus on writing stories and thoughts about User Experience Design in this Substack blog.

So this is what you see here. It’s called Waveguide Next because it’s what came after the original Waveguide, and I wanted to keep the brand and the lessons.

I hope you like the UX examples documented in waveguide.io and the stories, thoughts, and analyses posted here in Waveguide Next. I also plan to use Waveguide Next to tell people when new UX examples have been added to waveguide.io, so make sure to subscribe.

Thanks for all the support,

Juan (JJ)