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What happens when there is a significant change to the components? IE: The header is now blue vs white. Then you're going to need to go back and update every screenshot to reflect that change rather than a simple update through the library. I have experienced designers who work with screenshots and the files are large, theres inconsistencies, and it makes it a pain to update any new UI standards.

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If you work in an environment where sharing and working on other designer’s files is common, then this is not gonna work for you.

This is meant mostly for designers who work with a centralized component library and need to quickly iterate on their own designs. In my experience it’s very rare in those environments for design files to be shared since most designers are working on different areas of the product and there’s a already a component library you can scaffold from.

I also personally, find very hard to work out of someone’s else file. I’ll rather understand what they have a reinterpret it on a fresh design.

As I said in the article, this is just a tool in your toolbelt, not a canonical way of designing. There are going to be situations where using screenshots will make sense and situations where it won’t.

My recommendation is to use them when you need speed and high output as part of your iteration process.

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Designing with screenshots might be an obvious choice for some but you really drove the point home :D

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