Designing in low-fidelity feels like a low-cost way to build product but is detrimental to your overall process velocity.

July 2021

A quick take on a controversial UI design practice.

May 2021

A story about ketchup and the value of design.

April 2021

And a new chapter with Waveguide Next, a blog about UX.
As a designer, sometimes I feel liberated because someone designed absolutely everything in the world. Just think about it. This website, your computer…
When you enter Uniqlo’s NYC Iconic Store on 5th Avenue, the first thing you notice is the three huge escalators that take you to the top and main level…
A few years ago, I heard a joke from a pilot instructor friend about single-engine airplanes in the aircraft industry. He said that some pilots like to…

March 2021

A thought regarding situations where UX competes with Security.
If you’re wondering what’s Waveguide Next, you should start by going to …But for those who don’t care, here is a simple story…